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The park covers 14,763 sq. km of endless rolling plains, which reach up to the Kenyan border and extends almost to Lake Victoria.
The 'untold plains' named Siringet by the wandering Masai, that support 3 million mammals, upwards of 2 million of whom annually migrate in concentrated herds north across the Mara River. The park is teaming with stunning wildlife - it is thought that over 3 million large mammals roam the plains. This great spectacle of nature' has a cast that includes around0.3M Thompson's Gazelle, 1.3M Wildebeest, and 0.2M Zebra. It begins in June with the return leg in October/November.

The Serengeti centres on acacia savannah, with dry grasslands to the south, western corridor of wooded highland that
fronts Lake Victoria and north, the wooded grasslands along the Grumeti and Mara Rivers. Around 3,000 Lions and upwards of 500 Cheetah inhabits this enormous sanctuary.

Witness the annual migration of millions of zebra and wildebeest in search of water and forage as the seasons change in early June.

Activities and Special Interests Are; photography, Bird watching, walking safaris, and ballooning with Serengeti Balloon Safaris.

Wildlife include; Large herds of antelope of all sorts including: Patterson's eland, Klipspringer, Zebra, gazelles, water, bush and reed buck, Dikdik, impala, topi, cotton's oribi, kongoni, Grey bush duiker, roan antelope buffalo, and wildebeest. Plus: lion, cheetah, leopard, and hyena bat eared fox, hunting dog and jackal. Smaller mammals: spring hare, porcupine, warthog, hyraxes, baboon, vervet monkey, colobus monkey, patas monkey, and mongooses. Larger mammals: giraffe, rhino, elephant, hippopotamus. Nearly 500 species of bird, including vultures, storks, flamingoes, martial and fish eagles, ostrich. Reptiles: crocodiles, a number of species of snakes and lizards

With accommodation, there are a number of lodges and camps to stay at in the Serengeti. Lodges: Lobo Wildlife Lodge, Seronera Wildlife Lodge, Serengeti Serena Lodge, Ndutu Safari Lodge (near Old -vai Gorge), and Serengeti Sopa Lodge. Camps: Kijesereshi Tented lodge just outside the camp south of Nsabaaka Gate (north west of the Park) and Migration camp around the Lobo area. There are public campsites (very basic some without even water), 6 special campsites and 12 wilderness campsites.

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