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Selous Game reserve

The Selous is the most remote and unexplored game protected area in Africa with 54,600 square km. There are only few tourists. The Selous is not yet discovered by the Selous Game Reserve .The Selous is the largest unexplored game reserve with 54.600 Km˛ in Africa with an enormous game wealth.
There are 100,000 elephants (about a sixth of total living in Africa), nearly 160,000 buffalos, the strongest herds of hippos on the continent, in addition crocodiles, wild dogs, leopards, lions, zebras, wart pigs, gnus, antelopes, Impalas, Elen, and some gepards. 350 species of birds were registered. There are only few tourists, the Selous is not yet discovered by the main stream of visitors to Tanzania, also because he is difficult to access.
The Rufiji dwells through the park down to the Indian Ocean forming a series of small lakes that serve as an important source of water for the multitude of the plains game.
The landscape is shaped by the Rufiji River and its tributaries, lined by Barrassus Palms, and it is the heart of the park. At the rivers you see crocodiles, hippos and birds in large diversity. Herds of elephants, buffalos, zebras, Gnus and Antilopen roam across the area. The whole fascination of the African bush meets you direct. It is only in the Selous Game Reserve that one can combine game drives, boat tours and walking safaris.
The hinterland around Lake Tagalala and Beho Beho is some of the most picturesque in area.

The most pleasant time to visit the Selous is during the cool season from the end of June until October. The rainy season is from November to May. There is a dryer spell in January and February, and this is also a beautiful time to visit as the trees and flowers are blossoming and everywhere the vegetation is green. During the heavy rains, normally from the end of March to May, the Reserve is inaccessible and the tourist camps are closed.

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