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The region affords an excellent game viewing. Examples include the black and white Colobus and Sykes bushbuck, elephant, monkeys, buffalo, black rhino, waterbuck, genet cat and the bongo, which is a rare type of forest antelope. The region also has a fascinating variation of flora and fauna.
The mountain covers an Area of 104 sq. kms with an altitude 2500-4000 ft above sea level and with a distance of 343km from Nairobi.
Try camping at Mountain Kenya with Sweetwaters Tented Camp. It will provide an opportunity to experience the best luxury camping.

Discover Africa 's second highest mountain. With a summit covered in snow and ice yet it lies astride the Equator! Mount Kenya also has a fair splattering of wildlife, particularly on the lower slopes of the mountain. You can expect to see rhino, several species of duiker, elephant, buffalo, leopard, bushbuck, giant forest hog, colobus and Sykes monkeys. There is also prolific birdlife around the mountain, ranging from huge eagles to multi colored sunbirds. Set in beautifully manicured grounds, Mount Kenya is definitely the most precious and romantic way to experience the area.

Mount Kenya has a variety of hiking and mountain climbing trails to choose from. - Explore Mount Kenya Safari Club the place for those safari monomaniacs who enjoy easy life. Mount Kenya Safari Club has been a destination for the rich and famous ever since it was founded in 1959.

Accommodation near Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya Safari Club, which is, located on the slopes of Mount Kenya offers a unique blend of comfort, leisure and escapade.

Sweetwater's Tented Camp lies in the heart of exclusively owned Sweetwater's Game Reserve, and offers magnificent views of game across the open plains to the snow capped peaks of Mount Kenya.

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