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Abacus African Vacations is one of the premier companies of Safaris to Africa. We take you  for the very best of Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania and Rwanda Safaris with itineraries built around clients' needs,interest and time frame allowing you to enjoy the diversity of wildlife Africa has to offer.Whether your interest is in Kenya Tours, Wildlife Safaris or Bird Watching Tours, Abacus vacations will be more than happy to give you that dream safari. At Abacus, we care about your interests and choices for your African Safaris. We specialize in tailor making journeys that suit your time & budget constraints as well as your style and pace.

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Note that 10% of the proceeds of your safari money goes to helping the orphans at helping Hand Foundation Uganda



A lion in Tsavo National ParkKenya is a land of many contrasts ranging from varied traditions to the culture of the people, the superb beaches  along the coastal area,the equatorial glaciers of Mt kenya at  an altitude of more than 4,573 metres,to the natural habitat   inhabited by different types of animals both big and  small,herivorous and canivores.All this combine to make a  small world of kenya with natural features of its own. Actually,for many travelers, Kenya means wildlife. More than a million wild beest and zebras cross southern Kenya in the great migration that normally takes place between July and October and they attract predators in big numbers.In the soda lakes are the herds of flamingoes.


If you have ever dreamt about Africa sleeping in the bush surrounded with wildlife,then Kenya is for you. Kenya is one of the top safari destinations in Africa with un matched wildlife.Kenya's flora and fauna are notably so diverse.The vast plains of the south are characterized by distinctive acacia trees.The savannah grassland of the masai mara supports a huge variety of animals and insects.All the big five -The lion,elephant,buffalo,leopald and Rhino can be seen in atleast two of the major parks ofcourse plus  a huge variety of other impressive animals.With Abacus African Vacations,your tour to Kenya will remain memorable. Kenya's national parks and reserves are among the best on African soil.There are incredible variety of animals and birds. Going for a safari in Kenya  is an integral part of Africa experience!



Kenya birds-Eastern Pale Chanting Goshawk 2The bird life in Kenya is varied.On your birding safari,your guide from Abacus African vacations will help you spot ostrich,vulture,flamingoes,cranes,stocks including the rare shoe bill stock,and a lot of pelicans.You can have a chance to see some very rare species including yellow weaver bird,sun bird and turraco. More on Kenyan birds>>



The  mountain Kenya  region affords an excellent game viewing. Examples include the black and white Colobus and Sykes bushbuck, elephant, monkeys, buffalo, black rhino, waterbuck, genet cat and the bongo, which is a rare type of forest antelope. The region also has a fascinating variation of flora and fauna.
The mountain itself covers an Area of 104 sq. kms with an altitude 2500-4000 ft above sea level and with a distance of 343km from Nairobi in about 5-6 hours of driving.
With a summit covered in snow and ice yet it lies astride the Equator! Mount Kenya also has a fair splattering of wildlife, particularly on the lower slopes of the mountain. You can expect to see rhino, several species of duiker, elephant, buffalo, leopard, bushbuck, giant forest hog, colobus and Sykes monkeys. There is also prolific birdlife around the mountain, ranging from huge eagles to multi colored sunbirds. Set in beautifully manicured grounds, Mount Kenya is definitely the most precious and romantic way to experience the area.This gives you an opportunity to discover africa's second highest mountain.Mount Kenya has a variety of hiking trails to choose from.If interested in the hike get in touch with Abacus African vacations to give you that dream tour.


Photograph of Point Lenana Kenya tour: Mt Kenya view of the peaks from shiptons camp peak of mt. Kenya



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